Touhou 15. Touhou Tobu no Tenki: Crazy Weather Conditions. It is a Danmaku Game.


Horrible Weather conditions have been affecting Gensokyo! COMING SOON



Wonderful Shrine Maiden of Paradise: Reimu Hakurei

Magician of the Forest: Marisa Kirisame

Wind Shrine Maiden of the Mountain: Sanae Kotiya

Perfect and Elegant Maid: Sakuya Izayoi

Half-Phantom Gardener: Youmu Konpaku

Evil Spirit of Black Magic: Mima

Boss CharactersEdit

Stage 1 Mid-Boss, Boss

Shapeshifter of Land: Kate Argento (Human)

Stage 2 Mid-Boss, Boss

Forever Young Witch: Ellen (Witch)

Stage 3 Mid-Boss

Poltergeist Trumpeter: Merline Primsriver (Poltergiest)

Stage 3 Boss: Weather Gatekeeper: Kaze Meiji (Wind Spirit)

Stage 4 Boss, Extra Mid-Boss: Undead Maid: Yasashi Zonbi (Zombie)

Stage 4 Mid-Boss, Stage 5 Mid-Boss, Stage 6 Midboss, Extra Boss: The Sister of the Weather Girl: Mary Arashi (Youkai)

Stage 6 Boss: Cherry-Red Weather Girl: Alicia Arashi (Youkai)

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