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Saruma- chibi version.

Saruma Heiwa== Saruma Heiwa is an eccentric, outgoing, carefree plant youkai who lives with her grandfather, Sengokiyuun, and is an expert explorer.


Saruma was gapped by Yukari Yakumo to gensokyo, never telling her why. Later on, she meets Rumia, Wriggle Nightbug and Mystia Lorelei, mistaking her as food. Later, she gets kidnapped by Sakuya Izayoi on the behalf of Remilia Scarlet. After, she encounters Marisa Kirisame  and Reimu Hakurei.  She gets trained by known people. She then discovers her parents died here, thanks to Tenshi Hinanawi.  She beats her.


Yukari Yakumo (Friend, fellow youkai)

Ran Yakumo (Friend's Shikigami)

Rumia (Fellow youkai, ally, friend)

Wriggle Nightbug (Fellow youkai, ally, friend)

Mystia Lorelei (Fellow youkai, ally,  friend)

Sakuya Izayoi (Opponent, other than that, unknown)

Remilia Scarlet (Opponent, friend, babysitting client)

Flandre Scarlet (Opponent, friend also babysitting client)

Marisa Kirisame  (Friend, opponent)

Reimu Hakurei (Friend, opponent)

Tenshi Hinanawi (Enemy, grandfather's ex-wife)

Iku Nagae (Enemy's teacher, other than that, unknown)

Ichirin Kumoi (Mentor, grandfather's crush)

Sengokiyuun (Grandfather, other mentor) Chiaki Hisamichi (Friend.)

Spell cards.Edit

Flower sign "Blooming heart"
Flower sign "Call of roses"
Adventure sign "Permanent dawn"
Barrier "Reflection of the water"
Adventure sign "Double pathed way"
Flower sign "Clover of luck"
Adventure sign "Kaleidoscopic Ripples"